lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Un viejo amor no se olvida.../ An old love is not to be forgotten...

Years have come and go with out seen her, but as the lyrics of and old song said "An old love it is not forgotten...", even less when is the fruit of obsession. And just like that with out looking for her I saw it. Good bye to doubts and restrictions, I pull my self out of the bus and ran towards her, full of emotions in a way that I haven't felt in a long time, with a smile that refused to live my face. The strange ways of fate, just a few moments ago I purchased a new lens for my camera and there she was, awaiting for me, all pride and impressive after all this years. She, the one responsible for my passion and current obsession. I watched her form afar, in delight with her shape, then I came close and far again in that old dance of seduction, until I captured her again but this time for ever, in every detail, watching every corner and line in her, gloating in her shape and mysteries until the deepest climax and awaiting with yearning to see her again...        

Nota: Todas las fotografías corresponden a la Iglesia de "los Sacramentinos" ubicada en la esquina de Arturo Prat con Santa Isabel en el centro de Santiago de Chile./

Note: Every photography is of the Church of "Sacramentinos" located in the corners of Arturo Prat and Santa Isabel in Santiago, Chile.

Copyrighted. Todos los contenidos y fotografías son propiedad de Leonel Varela Rodríguez y están protegidos por leyes locales e internacionales de propiedad intelectual.... /Copyrighted. All contents and photos are property of Leonel Varela Rodriguez and are protected by local and international laws.

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